What is Spiritualism?

spiritual world

Spiritualism is a very popular approach to spirituality and to the whole idea of a divine spiritual world. The belief system of Spiritualism holds that there is a spiritual reality behind all physical reality and that all beings have a spiritual side. The belief system also holds that this divine spiritual side is something which transcends from one human being to another and is therefore able to be perceived by everyone. Spiritualism can be seen as a spiritual form of science or mysticism.

Spiritualism is based on an idea called “Theosis”. This is the belief that one can achieve enlightenment and spiritual liberation through self-transformation. This transformation is not achieved by some supernatural means or by the aid of any outside influence but by an internal transformation. This inner transformation is what Spiritualism refers to as “Theosis”.

As far as the concept of the divine spiritual world goes, Spiritualism has three distinct levels of existence. The first level of existence is called the realm of spirits.

Spiritualism believes that the realm of spirits has an existence in an invisible form, which is indistinguishable from that of humans. This invisible world is known as the “God-world” of the followers of Spiritualism.

Spiritualism does not believe that this God-world is the actual reality and this reality is separated into three different levels. The first level is called the “Primal World” and is where people are born. They live this life in the physical world and then they are brought back to the Primal World again in order to live their lives as spirits.

Spiritualists believe that after a person dies they are reincarnated at the second level of existence and it is here that they will have to face the consequences of their actions. Spiritualists believe that every person has an inherent potential to transcend the realm of spirits and become a spiritual entity. Every spiritual entity will be able to do so if it is allowed to exist. Spiritualists believe that this ability to transcend the world of spirits is actually inherent within all of us.

The third level of the spiritual world is known as the Astral World and this is where all physical beings exist. They are not visible to the conscious mind of humans. They are invisible to physical objects and can only be seen by spiritual beings or divine beings.

The religion of Spiritualism holds that people who have lived their entire lives in the realm of the Astral World have reached the highest level of consciousness possible. and are therefore capable of experiencing divine bliss. They are said to have reached a state of lightness that makes them immortal, and thus incapable of experiencing the pain and sorrows experienced by others.

Spiritualists believe that people who reach the highest degree of consciousness have the ability to transcend the spiritual world and become a divine being in the physical world. They have also attained the ability to use all of the divine powers associated with the God-world and use them to bring about the greatest good in this world.

Spiritualists believe that there are many spirits that surround us and they are responsible for our actions and our feelings. They play a vital role in our physical and emotional growth.

Spiritualists believe that each soul is basically made up of two opposing forces: light and dark. People who have a good relationship with their soul and are free of negative emotions are said to possess a positive spirit and people who have a negative connection with their soul are said to possess a negative spirit.

Spiritualists believe that when we go to the next stage in our existence we have to find ourselves in between these two forces, which are always in opposition to each other. There are some souls who experience separation between them and go into the spirit world where they can find joy and happiness.

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